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"Spotlight"Amanda Cottreau is a passionate woman of many dimensions: melody seamstress, gypsy enchantress, sensory glutton, mini-man mother, spirit nurturer. She is also founder of Celebrate HER – a local not for profit organization that hosts events with conscience, rallies community to support local charity and promotes amazing women right here in Ottawa/Gatineau!
"Lists"Ana Laura Roman
Hi. I am Ana Laura. I am from Mexico and arrived to Canada in 2005. Married with 2 beautiful daughters 11 and 13 years old and a caring husband. I was a nun for 12 years. I have lived and work in many different places. I love to “live, laugh and love” not matter what. As an immigrant I have lived really good and really bad experiences in Canada. I am grateful to be part of SASC and to know wonderful people where I live now. 
Christine Tinker is a stay-at-home Mom, artist and graphic designer. An Ottawa native, she graduated from the Dramatic Arts program at Canterbury High School in 1998 and since then has worked in such varying fields as Ecotourism, Dogsledding, Web Design, Electrical Installation, Marketing and Sexual Education. Though in possession of two college diplomas, Christine credits most of her education to her early theatre days, traveling the globe and immersing herself in different cultures. Christine owns her own home based web and print design company, Babe with a Brain Designs. She and her husband are currently expecting their second child, who, like the first, will be born at home. 
"Lists and Crooked Braid"Elaine Kicknosway (Cast & Planning Committee) is a proud Swampy Cree woman originally from. Northern Saskatchewan, she is a member of Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, Wolf Clan, a mother of one, step mother, a singer, women’s traditional dancer,and believes that violence/abuse will stop one day. 
"The Flood"Elana Levitan is a professionally trained clown and Commedia actor/creator from Dell’ Arte’s International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California. She received a BA and is a graduate of Brock University’s Theatre program. In her spare time, Elana enjoys traveling the World and eating her way through different countries. She is very proud to be a part of TVM and would like to dedicate this performance to her late grandmother, Cecilia. 
Emily Dobson
"Intro"Elizabeth Robson Gordon
Ida Fiddler I am Cree from Sandy Lake Ontario. My Blood line is Red! I am a proud mother of two fabulous girls! I am quiet, calm but will be loud when I want to be! For today I am Living Large! I look forward to the day where the violence will stop against women until then I will stand strong with my girls!
"Vagina Workshop"Hazel Hutton is an actor recently trained in London UK and has been involved in community and fringe theatre in Toronto.  She is excited to be working with many great women for such a great cause.
"Bob"Heather Bostelaar.
"Vagina Workshop"Julie Cameron… says Vagina out loud.
“Vagin!” they heckled.I believe in the Believers-of-V.
Et eux parmi, elles aussi.Please also see
March 8th Wakefield
December 10th Ottawa 
Julie Greenspoon is a war crimes lawyer by day and a theatre-buff by night, taking in everything Ottawa has to offer. She has even performed on occasion, most recently at the Ottawa Little Theatre and with the Lawyer Play at the GCTC. Originally from Montreal, via Boston and Tanzania, Julie likes to run, jump, skip, hike, travel, ski, bike, play volleyball and Frisbee, and practice yoga. She last performed the very same Vagina Monologue 10 years ago in a fundraising performance during law school at Northeastern University. Julie sure knows how to fake an orgasm- only onstage of course!
Kerri Price Gervais
Kimberley Lovell
Kimothy Walker– CTV Weekend News AnchorKimothy has spent almost half her life working for CTV in Ottawa and the Valley. In 2008, she was voted one of the Capital’s top “Forty Under 40”. She is also a Y Woman of Distinction Nominee, and an award-winning journalist. Kimothy is not only your CTV Weekend News anchor, she produces those newscasts, as well.A military kid, Kim grew up across Canada before her parents settled here in 1982 and she finally found her “hometown”. She graduated from the Carleton University School of Journalism after starting at CTV as a student. Kimothy gives of her time freely. In 2008 she became a voice for survivors of child sexual abuse and launched a nationwide campaign to bring attention to the issue. She has been a Director for Ottawa Race Weekend since 2006. Kimothy is also an Advisor to the Algonquin College Victimology program, a Community Ambassador for the Y, a champion for organ donation and works regularly with CHEO. She also makes about 100 appearances a year for various other charitable causes.Kimothy lives in downtown Ottawa with her inspiration, her daughter Kyra. She is working hard to be a better tri-athlete, and has traveled extensively, always looking for the next adventure. 
Kristan Miller

After a varied education and career, Kristan followed her passion and became a registered dental hygienist.  She loves puppies, kittens, chocolate, camping, God…and, without reserve, she loves her wonderful 15 yr. old daughter. Kristan has devoted herself to working with marginalized populations that cannot access healthcare and those who can’t speak for themselves because of abuse: she plans to do this forever. This is Kristan’s third time as a cast member of TVM and she is honoured to be the Little Coochi Snorcher that Could! She dedicates her performance to her Mother, who is her biggest fan.
"Bob"Laurie Joe is a long-time member of the legal network in Ottawa which supports the work of SASC, particularly the Women and War program. She credits her family for helping her organize Sunday afternoons so that she could attend weekly Play rehearsals and join with this amazing cast, directors and crew for the 2012 V-Day Fundraiser. 
Leah Bilodeau is a theatre-enthusiast, music-lover, accountant, and proud feminist. Originally hailing from Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Leah moved to Ottawa in 2007 to pursue a career in the federal public service. She has performed in productions of The Vagina Monologues in Ottawa and in Halifax. If her vagina could speak, it would comment on the weather. 
Lisanne Latulippe was born in Ethiopia, returned to Canada with her parents at age 2, and was raised in Timmins, Ontario. From the University of Ottawa she obtained bachelors’ degrees in Sc. (Ki  nanthropoplogy) and Education, and a master’s degree in Educational Counselling. She taught Physical Education, English and Special Education in high schools throughout the Ottawa area. She also offered academic, personal and grief counselling both in private practice and at La Cité Collégiale.
Lisanne trained as a Hatha yoga teacher in the Sivananda lineage and taught in a number of yoga studios in Orleans. After retiring from 30 years in education, she now plans on offering courses and workshops in breathing, meditation, yoga, personality dimensions and life management, and devoting more time to her community projects such as, singing in the Big Soul Project gospel choir, engaging in spiritual groups and supporting women’s causes.
She lives in Orleans with her soul mate and husband of 35 years. They share their lives with their three amazing children. In the future she plans on travelling and exploring the world with her husband, witnessing her children thrive and furthering her community action.
To the Vday Ottawa 2012 cast and crew, SASC and Minwaashin! What a ride, a joy and a thrill to be here with you! Oh what a feeling what a rush!!! Thank you sisters! 
Lorriane A. Serrano is one of the many volunteers for the show leading up to February 24 and 25.  Originally casted to join the lovely wimmin in the Introduction, she will unfortunately be pulled away for work and can no longer attend the show.  She has loved taking part in this production as a volunteer and is absolutely inspired by all of the wimmin involved in it.  From the Gambia in West Africa, she sends her love and best wishes to the cast, crew, and the audience. 
Marissa Caldwell is a fourth-year Law student at Carleton University, and is a mystery wrapped in enigma, wound in bacon, and topped with cheese. When she is not living in the library, she moonlights as a Peer Assisted Study Sessions Facilitator, Registration Assistant, and nerdy clay sculptor, and has been advised to never quit her day job. And hopefully, eventually, she’ll actually have a day job. But for now, theatre has captured her soul. Past performing credits include Frenchy in Grease, Babette in Beauty and the Beast, Hero in Much Ado About Nothing, and all types of maids (both French and ‘Mer’) in Peter Pan – all evidence of type-casting at its best. This is her fifth (and definitely not last) appearance in a production of the Vagina Monologues, and she is ecstatic to be able to share this experience with a group of such talented women.
"Lists"Maria Arseniuk is a die hard feminist who loves vaginas. While lacking any formal theatrical training, most people do consider her a drama queen. In the process of completing her master’s thesis on single mothers’ social welfare in the Soviet Union she also enjoys travel, food, and running – especially when all of the above are combined into a single event. This first-time performance is dedicated to the leading ladies in her life (and their vaginas): Ilire Hasanaj, Michelle Frappier and Inna Levina. 
"Intro"Michele BissI am a second year law student at University of Ottawa, and I love The Vagina Monologues. I have participated as a as a dancer, singer and actor in murder mystery plays, comedies, dramas, abstract plays and Shakespeare but The Vagina Monologues is one of my favourite shows! These stories allow wimmin to explore their own violent, sexual and humorous experiences in order to great a dialogue about wimmin’s issues. Thank you to SASC and Minwaashin lodge for providing the opportunity for like-minded wimmin to
create such a powerful and meaningful production!!! 
Michelle Thomas
I am from the Seneca Nation, Bear clan, Six Nations Reserve. My background is in healing & wellness, education and the empowerment of our people. I have a strong passion for uplifting the minds, bodies and spirits of those that have struggled or are struggling with finding peace in this world. I dedicate my monologue to those whose stories and voices have yet to be heard. 
"Village"Nasim is an Iranian-Canadian womyn from Tabriz, who has been in Ottawa for the past 15 years. She is passionate about womyn’s issues and hopes to continue to be an active member of the community for years to come. She dabbles in music and film and believes in the transformative power of art.
To her, these monologues are a testament to the strength of words and the healing nature of human connection and love.
"Lists"Paula Melville is an actress from back in the day and majored in Drama at Queen’s University. She has acted in semi-professional and community theatre–including murder mysteries–in Ottawa, Florida and Washington, D.C. Paula is thrilled to be treading the boards again with such an amazing group of women in support of the worldwide effort to end violence against women. 
Reem Girgrah (Cast & Planning Committee)
Born and raised in Ottawa, this radtastic wommon is seeking the end of violence against wimmin and assumed bodies by those who are participating and perpetuating established patriarchical norms. She can be found bouncing around town involving herself- wherever possible- in conversations where there is any unlearning to be done in regards to systemic, pervasive, and intersecting oppressions. This is especially true if the unlearning needs to be done within herself. Other times this rad wommon will share stories of losing her keys in the ocean while attempting to surf, running off to Kingston to windsurf for the day, attempting to cross country ski without knowing how to stop, or trying to start a fire when she decided to go camping on her own for the very first time. In times of stress or discouragement Reem swears that cinnamon has the ability to make everything better, it warms the heart and soothes the spirit. She has to thank the radtastic wimmin (collective members and service users) who continuously inspire, support, and help her unlearn at the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa. She would also like to thank those who believe in her and push her to go further than she could ever imagine going. “So much love, respect, and solidarity for those who have come before me, those who have lost their lives, and those who continue to struggle and resist.” 
"The Flood"Renelle Cloutier has always loved the limelight when it comes to singing or expressing herself musically.  This is her first time on stage performing in a non-musical way and she is thrilled to be doing it for such a meaningful cause.  A proud mother of two, she thanks her family and friends for their encouragement as she stretches her boundaries and lets her “force of passion”, to freely flow!
"Lists"Rose Guerline Rene
"Facts"Shewit Kalaty
"Hair"Stephanie Marhue is always the first one in the pool and the last one off the dance floor. She is as bold as her hair is curly and lives life with an infectious vibrancy. Her tenacious storytelling ability will (she hopes!) guide her in her first foray into acting. Either way, as with all other adventures she’s encountered, she is happy to take the leap!
Stephanie Monette
Stephanie hails from Orangeville Ontario and moved to Ottawa to attend Carleton University when she was only 18. After graduating she pursued her passion for drama at Algonquin College’s Theatre Arts Program. She has performed in several local productions. This is the second time Stephanie has performed in The Vagina Monologues and it wont be her last! Stephanie would like to thank ALL of the amazing women in her life, they have truly shaped the daughter, sister, niece, friend, wife, daughter-in-law, and mother she has become!!! A special thank you to her wonderful amazing husband, who always makes her vagina happy ({V}) xoxox 
"Angry Vagina"Tiffany Smith is a 4th year Political Science student at the University of Ottawa with aspirations of pursuing a career in criminal law. This is her third time performing in the Vagina Monologues. She has participated in the VDAY campaign with the Women’s Resource Centre at the University of Ottawa, Jer’s Vision and JH5 Consulting. As a young woman who is very interested in the advocacy of women and minority rights, she strives to continuously involve herself in initiatives such as this one that help raise awareness about pertinent social issues. 
"Eve"Val Bogan
A party at Ottawa Little Theatre and a proposition from my friend Julie Greenspoon led to my participation in the Vagina Monologues this year. Thanks girl! The journey from party suggestion to castmate of some amazing “wimmin” was well taken. I’m thrilled to be part of such a brilliant and talented group. I’ve been a “theatre girl” for 25 years in various capacties. It’s a pleasure to support the folks at SASC and the Minwaashin Lodge. Enjoy the show. 
Yamikani Msosa (Cast & Planning Committee)

Sheryne Morcos (& Planning Committee)
Under the circumstance, Sheryne thought it would be appropriate for me to write her bio: I am so proud of Sheryne for getting involved with these Monologues and finally paying some very important attention to me and others like me. This production is important for us, it is our opportunity to have our voices heard, to protest against what we dislike and loudly proclaim what we love, to show people, men and women alike, that we exist, we are alive and well (most of the time) and we have a lot to say. We want to be loved, and treated fairly and cherished and nourished and protected. As for Sheryne, she’s going to be 32 soon, she’s happily married, unhappily living in the burbs, unsurprisingly working for the government and shockingly has two young kids that say “vagina” in public more often than strangers would like. If I got dressed I would wear: fuzzy red earmuffs, if I could talk I would say: “less talk, more action!”
Sincerely, Sheryne’s Vagina (aka Princess Sophia)

Janne Cleveland has taught English Literature and Sexuality Studies at Carleton University as well as the history of Canadian theatre in the Theatre Department at the University of Ottawa. She has been active in the Ottawa theatre community for many years, including as a cast member in the 2006 SASC V-day production. She is delighted to have the opportunity to be involved once again with the SASC V-Day project. Vaginistas rock!

Alice Beaudoin is the photographer for this year’s V-Day events. Born in Maniwaki, Quebec, Alice is an Algonquin from the Kitigan Zibi community and for the past 23 years has lived in Gatineau, Quebec. “I’ve always wanted to do some volunteer work where my camera was needed, and when this opportunity came up I knew in my heart it’s what I had to do. It’s one way to support women out there who are victims of violence.”

Planning CommitteeDalia Morcos Fraser
Jamie Kwong
Lynn Frappier
Sandi Stoliar